Life Leadership - `Work-Life Balance`

Be the pilot of your own life, not `just a passenger`

(Dr. Gaudenz Assenza)

The challenge of creating and maintaining the right balance between central aspects of our lives, including work, health, partnership/family an our social setting, is becoming bigger.
Even more so since the modern world of work increasingly demands flexible, mobile entrepreneurs as well as employees who are available around the clock. 

The task is to learn and formulate one's own life goals, and to create a harmony between life goals and business objectives. That said, Life Leaderhip is far more than just work-life-balance. Recognise your own strenghts and potentials, allowing you to continue to develop them and use them effectively. Step out of your comfort zone in order to lead a fullfilled life characterised by self-determination and self-efficacy.  

WITNER Leadership provides impulses to people who stand at decisive stages of their (entrepreneurial) lives and who face having to make important, determinative decisions for the future. 

Acquaint yourself with new paths to`Life Leadership` - paths away from `more and more` towards a balanced, contented life which yo control. Take the wheel – Winter Leadership will be right there at your side for your first hours `in the driver's seat`.

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