Success is getting up one more time than you have been knocked down.

(Winston Churchill)

Resilient systems are flexible systems – They are able to sustainably organize themselves, and thus retain their balance and agility.

The challenges which are posed to individuals and organisations in dealing with an ever-faster turning `VUCA world` demand a strengthening both of personal as well as organisational resilience.

Become aware of the interactions between individual, team and organisation, maintaining and restoring equilibrium, as needs dictate, between the three.

In order to enjoy long-term corporate success, design and steer your company so that it moves efficiently between phases of maintenance, reorganisation and growth.

Recognise and explore future trends and developments.
Exploit available resources, strengthen the resilience of your company and, as a consequence, reduce your vulnerability to crises. Act early, rather than being forced to react later.

Through customised offers, WINTER Leadership helps you to recognise and develop resilience factors, enabling you to remain sovereign, agile and effective, even in times filled with unpredictability. Enhance your flexibility and resilience through approaches and training courses focused on the following, as well as other topics:




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