Head of Office East, Vienna

Alexandra May

Portrait in Brief


  • Personality Development & Personnel Development

    * Accreditation in coaching - executive and teamcoaching
    * Accreditation in life and social counselling - psychological counselor
    * Additional certification in supervision

    * Additional certification in stress management and burn out prevention
    (cooperation partner of Austrian Social Insurance Institution of trade and business, SVA)
    * Additional certification in mindfulness and applied positive psychology
    * Additional certification in solution-oriented intervention techniques
    * Additional certification in systemic methodologies

  • Conflict Management, Business Mediation and Crisis Management

    * Accreditation in business mediation and alternative dispute resolution in accordance with Austrian Civil Mediation Act, ZivMediatG
    * Additional certification in business mediation
    * Additional certification in conflict management and conflict resolution methods
    * Additional certification in techniques of solution-oriented intervention
    * Additional certification in holistic & systemic methodologies

    * Officially registered as a mediator with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice

  • Organisational Development, Divison- and Teambuilding

    * Additional certification in group dynamics
    * Additional certification in building high performance teams
    * Additional certification in project management
    * Additional certification in gender mainstreaming
    * Additional certification in diversity management
    * Additional certification in intercultural competence
  • Instructor in Mediation
  • Instrucor in Coaching
  • Instructor in Supervision


  • Commercial Academy
  • Executive in international banking and insurance
  • Additional certification in project management
    Multinational cooperation, M&A, reorganisation

Key aspects / Focus

  • Personnel development & personality development
    coaching and supervision for executives, employees and teams
  • Business ethics and values in corporate governance and human resource management
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Mindful Organisations
  • Resilience and agility
  • Change management, strategy management & future processes
  • Diversity management
  • Conflict resolution and business mediation
  • Stress management and selfempowerment

Organisations / Functions

  • Member of the `Business Mediation` Professional Group at the Vienna Economic Chambers, WKW
  • Signee and premium member of the `Charta of diversity`
  • Member of the `Business Training and Coaching` Professional Group at the Austrian Economic Chambers, WKO
  • Austrian Economic Chambers experts pool in psychological counselling - mediation
  • Austrian Economic Chambers experts pool in psychological counselling - supervision
  • Member of ÖSV - Austrian Association for Supervision and Coaching
  • Austrian Economic Chambers experts pool in psychological counselling - stress management and burn out prevention
  • Cooperation partner for mental health / fitness with Austrian Social Insurance Institution of trade and business, SVS
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