Successful in a VUCA World

Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.

(Dalai Lama)

Although the acronym `VUCA`



little appears stable, much seems in constant motion



things are less and less predictable, diminished sense of security



decision-making becomes tougher



lack of clarity demands we view things from different perspectives

was actually invented back in the 1990s after the Cold War, today it is as current as ever. The personal and organisational environment in which we move is becoming more erratic, more unpredictable and more challenging. Models and ways of thinking we used until now don’t work like they once did. Coping with the VUCA world is the greatest challenge of our time. 

A special skillset is needed now more than ever. New qualities, both in terms of leadership as well as collaboration between employees, that must be forged and reinforced. 

One consequence of the VUCA factors is that the time horizon for reliable, accurate planning is getting shorter. Thought patterns such as `right or wrong`, `black or white` are a thing of the past.  

In this `VUCA world`, remain decisive, successful and, both as a person as well as an organisation, healthy! 

Recognise the opportunities presented by the VUCA world. With the help of customised approaches, enhance your agility and performance so that you can continue to master challenges creatively. 

Harness the expertise of WINTER Leadership to strengthen your effectiveness and resilience. 

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